FCE-UBA (Faculty of Economical Sciences, University of Buenos Aires)
Av. Córdoba 2122
Buenos Aires City

The meeting will be held in the Faculty of Economical Sciences (FES), belonging to the famous University of Buenos Aires (UBA), situated in the heart of Buenos Aires City. The location has become a sort of campus of UBA since many other schools are located just a short walk from each other.

Created in 1913, at first it had to share the building located in Marcelo T. de Alvear St. with the Carlos PellegriniHigh school. In January 1945, UBA decided to relocate the FES to the former building of the School of Medicine (constructed and designed in 1908 by Gino Aloisi and Pablo Besana), just across the Houssay Park from the –at that time- new art deco skyscraper building which became the base of the Medicine Faculty. In 2011 a new wing of the SES was inaugurated, completing 8.200 m2.

The FES is the most populated school of the UBA, with about 36,000 students and 6,000 teachers and professors, by the year 2011.