Call for papers and abstract presentation guidelines

Abstracts of contributions to be presented during As2014 should be submitted in English, using the abstract format indicated below. Submission should be made on-line (submit now). The correct reception of the abstracts will be confirmed by e-mail.

Only one paper will be accepted per each registered participant (regular participant, Argentine participant, student). A US$ 50 fee must be paid in advance when submitting the abstract

this amount will be discounted from the total registration fee (please select “Abstract already submitted” when completing your registration fee payment). In the case of abstract withdrawal the US$ 50 will not be refunded.

The abstract will not be published in the Congress Proceedings Book if complete registration and payment are not done before 20 December, 2013.

Submission deadline is September 15, 2013.

Abstract Format

The principal contributor (should be clearly indicated by underlining the name) should submit a two-page extension abstract (two columns per page) at .doc or .docx format . The page limit for a plenary and invited lecture can be up to four pages.

A template of the abstract can be downloaded here. Black color should be used for text, for tables and graphs gray scale can be used. Use Times New Roman 12 point size and 13 point line spacing. Use normal type except for the headings (Heading tags), parameters in mathematics (not for log, sin, cos, ln, max., d (in dx), etc.), latin names of species and genera in botany and zoology and the titles of journals and books which should all be in italics. Never use bold, except to denote vectors in mathematics. Never underline any text. Use the small font (10 points on 11 points spacing) for tables (Table tags), figure captions (Figure caption tag) and the references (Reference text tag). A short abstract with a maximum of 150 words should be included immediately below the last author affiliation inside the indicated space. Other format requirements can be found in the abstract instruction file.

Chemicals or other products should be identified either through the IUPAC nomenclature or the INCI names for compounds. Proprietary names are not allowed.

An identical version of the title, authors, authors affiliations and short abstract is required in a separate file. The short abstract can be produced using the attached template. Spanish-speaking participants are requested to additionally submit a Spanish version of the short abstract

Guidelines for abstract submission:
Send an email to abstract@as2014.com.ar with the following considerations:

  1. Subject: LastnamePrincipalAuthor – Congress topic section
  2. Body:
    a. Indicate preference for a poster or an oral presentation (final decision will be taken by the Scientific Committee).
    b. Indicate if you would like to enter the Poster Contest.
    c. Indicate the Congress topic section you wish to present your work.
  3. Attached required files:
    a.Abstract: LastnamePrincipalAuthor-LA.doc.
    b. Short abstract: LastnamePrincipalAuthor-SA.doc.
    c. Copy of proof of payment for US$ 50.
    d. The "consent to publish" file completed including the signature of the main author. To download the “consent to publish” form, click here.

The abstract will not be printed without your complete registration payment before 20 December, 2013. See section Important dates

info@as2014.com.ar as2014.argentina@gmail.com